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One of the Nausicaans stabbed Picard through the heart, necessitating a cardiac replacement procedure, leaving Picard with an artificial heart (TNG: "Samaritan Snare", "Tapestry").Q commented that the injury top Picard's heart had occurred "30 years ago", which would set the Nausicaan incident in 2338.Picard failed in 2322 to gain entrance to Starfleet Academy at the age of 17, but was admitted a year later (TNG: "Coming of Age").As a first-year cadet in 2323, Picard became the only freshman ever to win the Starfleet Academy marathon on Danula II (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II").Picard was abducted by the Borg in late 2366 as part of the Borg assault on the Federation.

Cadet Picard committed a serious offense while at the Academy.Picard was offered a promotion to the admiralty in 2364 when Admiral Gregory Quinn was attempting to consolidate his power base to combat an unknown alien intelligence that was trying to take over Starfleet Command.Picard declined the offer, citing his belief that he could better serve the Federation as a starship commander (TNG: "Coming of Age").Picard's artificial heart required routine replacement, most recently in 2365, when complications in the cardiac replacement procedure performed at Starbase 515 necessitated emergency assistance by Dr. Picard met Ambassador Sarek again in 2366, when Sarek's last mission was jeopardized by Bendii Syndrome, which caused the ambassador to lose emotional control.Picard mind-melded with Sarek to lend the ambassador the emotional stability needed to conclude the historic treaty with the Legarans (TNG: "Sarek").

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