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“As the film highlights, it is the poor and marginalised, in this case Vietnamese children, who bear the brunt of our current approach to drugs,” she said.

“By prohibiting cannabis we have just handed the market to criminals – the last people to care about child protection.

They warned that children as young as 13, many of whom are from Vietnam as well as a number of other countries including the UK, are being identified as victims of slavery and recorded on the national database, but sliding back into exploitation within weeks or even days.

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The animation film, which has the support of the UK Anti-Slavery Commissioner, will be disseminated in Vietnam as a preventative tool to raise awareness among children, their families and the Vietnamese community of the risks of trafficking to unaccompanied children in Europe.

It will be premiered in London’s historic Frontline club on 17 October, and will also be launched in Vietnam in partnership with the Pacific Links Foundation as part of an innovative education programme in schools to help prevent young people being trafficked.

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These require significant manpower in order to nurture and harvest cannabis crops, which has led many criminal gangs to target children and young people in this form of forced labour.

Evidence shows that the most prevalent form of child trafficking in the UK is for forced labour in cannabis cultivation, and data from the NRM consistently shows that Vietnam is the single largest source country for child victims of trafficking.

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