Dating a sagittarius female

Warm, passionate, prompt, talkative, enthusiastic, and generous- all adjectives set well for a Sagittarius lady in a date.If you want to explore more, here are few tips before you ask the lady for a date out: Spontaneous Sagittarians are the best choices for a fun filled date.Open-minded, temperamental, always ready for a good time, inconsistent.​These are a few contradicting traits that encompass being born under a fire sign. The three fire signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – can be prone to such traits; however, it depends on the person and which characteristics lay dormant or dominant.Regardless, more people know about Fire Signs than any other element. We will go and do our thing – hopefully without you asking questions – but know that at the end of the day we’re coming home to you. A Sagittarius will jump at the chance to go to the edge of the world with you.Within this group, Aries and Leo are the most talked about.​So how does a Sagittarius live up to the expectations of being a member of a hot and fiery element? We love traveling and if you suggest going on a spontaneous, fun, and romantic adventure, you can be certain that our answer will be “yes”. Why You Should Stay at Couples Resort Negril Sagittarius’s embrace change.We might be the little sister or brother of Aries and Leo, but we shine just as bright. Here are 10 characteristics you need to know when dating a Sagittarius: Sagittarius’s enjoy a challenge. Paired with the right partner, we can and will go all night, if that’s what we want. We go where the wind takes us and it doesn’t scare us. If we are in a long distance relationship, it won’t take much convincing for us to decide on a change of scenery just to be with you. There are things we choose not to share with others.

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It might annoy you, but we tend to find the good in everything.

They have the spark and the initiative to do something about it too, so this couple can lead a very active and useful life together, helping both themselves and others.

They are quite idealistic by nature, and will enjoy working together for charity.

Energetic, spontaneous and happy, the Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman seem to have it all. Well, of course, there’s the slight problem that neither the Sagittarius man nor the Sagittarius woman likes to make a commitment.

This couple may be together for years or even decades without any sign of marriage or any other formal commitment.

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