Dating a rockabilly

In the years since, she has swung from rock to country to gospel, earning a cult following as the Queen of Rockabilly.

Now, like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Mavis Staples before her, she is the latest veteran artist to work with a devoted younger producer, in the hopes of a third-act career shift.

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Jackson’s career has been etched by men: Hank Thompson, the country star who got her signed after hearing her on local radio; Elvis, who encouraged her to wield her singular voice — a graveled purr — in rock instead of country; Wendell Goodman, her husband of 50 years, her tour manager and constant companion; and now Mr. But through it all she has become a shimmying emblem of female independence in a male-dominated industry, testing boundaries with her forward style and lyrics about mean men and hard-headed women (and those are the love songs).Jackson had a string of country hits in the 1970s, and in the ’80s and ’90s she was kept afloat by European fans, alongside the nostalgists who make up the rockabilly scene in the United States. “He asked me to wear his ring and be his girl,” Ms. He gave her a ring off his finger, with tiny stones — “itty-bitty,” she said. “The fans keep me young,” she said, “the spirit of those songs and the way the kids love it.” Without making much of a fuss about it Ms.Now she is being discovered by a younger generation of vintage-loving artists. She does stuff that no one else can do.” That unique sound is still evident on “The Party Ain’t Over,” which begins with a yowling, sped-up version of “Shakin’ All Over,” by the ’60s English group Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. White’s vintage cars, wearing a pair of her own ’50s sunglasses. Jackson has outlasted nearly all her male contemporaries.Our chart this month includes several of new 4-disc sets which offer a generous selection of original recordings from legendary artists from the Rock 'n' Roll era.Heading the Rock 'n' Roll chart is a set from Marvin Rainwater which includes the entire contents of three original album releases, augmented with a wealth of bonus tracks taken from his non-album singles.

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