Dating a gambler

An industry source in Las Vegas said yesterday: "He was soon down between £11.6 million and £13.6 million and then coming out of the weekend he didn't recover." However, losses of this size are unlikely to deter Mr Packer from continuing his favourite hobby.Mr Packer's lust for gambling can be put down in part to a bet his grandfather made that started the family's rise to fame and fortune in the first place."I'll toss you for it," said Mr Packer and the oilman walked away.The only other pastime that the Australian businessman invests so much money and energy on is the sport of polo, which he began to support relatively recently.The casinos of Las Vegas will feel that some justice has been served by the Australian's big loss.Mr Packer's performance in the world's gambling capital has, on occasions, been rather impressive.He once won £13 million playing cards at the MGM Grand casino.He is certainly no amateur, being widely regarded as one of the most accomplished card players in the world of high rollers.

Mr Packer is known for his gentlemanly conduct in casinos.Hamilton hit 21 with both aces but Kerry refused to accept anything other than his loan back."Mr Packer also enjoys his position as a big punter.Legend has it that he was seated at a table with a Texan oilman in Las Vegas who was getting lots of attention from the pretty waitresses."I didn't die for long but it was long enough for me.He liked to bet big, wagering tens of thousands of dollars in a sitting.

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