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I love working at Current, and I especially like working with my former boss at Oxygen again – she’s awesome.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season.

The only reason she's so low is because she started at about 6 and slowly as I kept thinking about who my faves were she unfortunately took a tumble but I have nothing but respect for this girl and I REALLY hope that she makes in to show business whether it's theatre, television or movies because with a personality like that she screams STAR. NV4Samuel's consistency is what put's him here because I wasn't particularly drawn to him as a character but he was always going through the challenges and music video and creating a great (but always amazing) result which I think is a really great trait to have in such a high pressure environment. Hz3XSc Ddo I know I'm going to get some hate for this but I'll tell you why she's 6th, Marissa seemed like a great package, she had a great look, a great pressence she seemed to take direction well but I wasn't sold 100% with her voice, everything else about her was just so amazing and her voice was still good but as you we'll know now I love me some controlled belters when it comes to my female singers and from what I heard from her LCP her vocals had quite a few flaws in her lower register that I couldn't look past.

I do think he has a nice voice and his Jolene I rate quite high on my fave LCP. That said still she was ROBBED ROBBED ROBBED because I don't actually think she should've been in the bottom that week (I don't think she did either) but putting her with Alex & Cameron and them rocking their songs while hers wasn't the best then I think the elimination did make sense.

I really hope she get's her groove back and succeeds at whatever she loves. Eliminated on 3rd Bottom 3: I'm pretty sure two of them are Michael and Tyler. Shocking Early Elimination: Dani I was actually quite a fan of his voice, it was a little nasal but I still rank Daniel up quite high in my books the problem with Tyler was exactly what the judges were and he himself was saying, he was too early in his transition.

E 22 - Mc Kinleigh Abraham (S1 - 9th) Surprisingly this gif was probably the most energetic I saw this girl in the 4 weeks she graced the first series but it's also the only larger gif I could find which brings me to my point about Mc Kinleigh, she just wasn't memorable and her energy level was kind of stuck on snooze. Mario Clues on the next 5: One of these contestants won 2 h/w challenges 4 of these contestants were eliminated on their 3rd bottom 3 LCP One was a shocking early elimination The majority are from season 2 I agree with most of these, although I probably would have placed Ellis and Mc Kynleigh higher. I'm sure it's not easy going from a girl to a boy without having a few feminine attributes and Tyler was still getting used to the boy body he now had, what I do think is a little sad is that he was made to be one or the other, I don't know if he specifically mentioned that he didn't want to be typecast as the transgendered but I thought had he used that to his advantage he wouldn't be second guessing himself so much and he may have had more opportunity to stand out.

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