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Following the turbulent events (notably, the Karpoš Uprising in 1689) the city experienced a period of stagnation, and by the end of 18th century Kumanovo epitomized an Ottoman provincial town.In an 1861 book Austrian diplomat Johann Georg von Hahn stated that the town had 650 dwellings, of which 300 were Muslim and 350 were Christian Bulgarian, in addition to 30 Gypsy in the outskirts, while the total population of the town was 3,500.The Ottomans called it the dark or the secret neighborhood.Also, is one of the military installation of ARM in Kumanovo. MB Hristijan Todorovski Karposh is the second base in Kumanovo, it was also established by the JNA and was inherited by the ARM.; also known by other alternative names) is a city in the Republic of Macedonia and is the seat of Kumanovo Municipality, the largest municipality in the country.Municipal institutions include a city council, mayor, and other administrative bodies. Kumanovo derives from the name of the Cumans, a western branch of Kipchaks, the tribe that invaded the area in the early 12th century.

The Skopje Revolutionary district of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO) decided in 1894 that it would organize a committee in Kumanovo, which was later established in the house of Jordan Jovčev.Evliya Çelebi described it in 1660–61: "The colony of Kumanovo is situated on the territory of the Skopje sanjak and represents one county.The city is embellished with many rivers and 600 tile-roofs houses.Every house in the neighborhood had a yard, neighboring yard were connected with doors, used by anyone chased by the Ottomans.Macedonians, komits and revolutionaries used this scheme to escape to the towns outskirts and the town itself.

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