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“When everyone first got telephones, it was a great thing, but then the telephone could be blamed for divorce.You can’t blame a communications tool for marriages ending.How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

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But this week, after years of being eclipsed by the slicker, smarter Facebook, Friends Reunited called it a day.ITV bought the site for £120m in 2005 but sold it to DC Thomson four years later for £25m. Despite the tidal wave of obituaries for Friends Reunited, he has resisted all offers of face-to-face interviews, finally agreeing to meet me in typical geek fashion on Skype - sound only, no pictures.“Take Mark Zuckerberg,” Pankhurst muses on the Facebook founder. Except that nowadays geeky techies are almost cool. “By nature,” he apologises as I stare at the blank screen, “I’m not someone who likes standing up in front of people.In fact she’s probably listening to me now, saying all this, from the next room.” At which stage he abruptly gets up from his computer and disappears, returning a few moments later to report that his 13-year-old daughter has been eavesdropping. I have never been a natural programmer.” Good enough, though, to launch one of the most successful websites of the noughties.The domestic interlude seems to have relaxed him a little and he briefly relents and switches on the Skype camera. Wearing t-shirt and jeans, he is hemmed in by shelves of books and DVDS. “Jason and I always described ourselves to each other as cowboys. What the money did was give me time for experiences - nice holidays as a family, or doing challenges I set myself. I’m just boring.” Instead, Pankhurst has filled the gaps between his walking excursions by becoming a “business angel”, investing in the next generation of techies trying to follow in his footsteps.

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