Christian dating sexual sin

In addition, sexual intimacy creates a chemical connection that binds two people together, leading to heartache and regret when relationships end because of the special physical bond that was created.

More and more, sex preserved for marriage is viewed as outdated and old fashioned.

Unfortunately, many men feel sexually unsatisfied in their marriages while women tend to feel used just for their bodies.

Obviously, learning how to have fulfilling Christian sex within marriage is essential.

One relatively recent story was the rise and fall of Gil Jones, a pastor who brought a fledgling Flatirons Church in Colorado from a few hundred to ten thousand all within a few years.

Many Christian men allow themselves to be inundated with these images and messages and have not trained their hearts and minds for purity by filtering through this daily bombardment.Instead, they often have varying levels of sexual indulgence ranging from pornography to lusting over women’s bodies they see in the media and public. Your graceful legs are like jewels, the work of an artist’s hands.Without a doubt, God created men to be visual and to feel attracted to the female body, which is clear in multiple Scripture passages dating back to B. Your navel is a rounded goblet that never lacks blended wine...Sex tends to be one of the most powerful forces on Earth, evident by the high rate of sexual misconduct we see all around us.It’s rare to go longer than a few weeks without some high ranking official being caught in some type of sexually explicit excursion.

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