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If it seems like her phone habits are changing and you cannot understand the changes, you may be witnessing an affair. Dates with Girlfriends Is she spending more time with her girlfriends than in the past?Are there many evenings out with the girls, when there were almost none just a short while ago?Does she ever smell of cigarettes, even though she doesn’t smoke?If you are seeing any of these scenarios, there is probably a partner in crime.

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It is generally devastating when a loved one deceives us, but there are many times when we can weather the storm and come out the other side stronger for having fought for love.

You know, almost certainly, that someone else is influencing her choices if these behaviors are taking place when they were not happening before. Sexual Deviations Does she want sex less often than usual?

Does she seem to just be going through the motions?

If your wife is lying to you, there is a very good likelihood that she will be looking anywhere but into your eyes when she does. Alcohol and Other Substances Is she drinking outside the home at odd times (daytime) or more than before?

Have you suspected drug use, where there was none before?

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