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Capt Tom Bunn MSW, LCSW hosts a free fear of flying group phone counseling session every Wednesday from 10 pm until 11 pm Eastern Time (same as New York).

I purchased your entire series including the counseling session. first, there is a new MP4 video version of "Take Me Along". You CAN transfer the DVD, but it takes a lot of time to compress the DVD into the smaller (much smaller) MP4 format files. i didn't show up for my flight today and lost a grand total of 00. I am flying to Ireland on Monday and haven't flown in about 13 years. I know that one of the most important things is to meet the Pilot. Tomorrow we're leaving to be there for the closing on Friday. I left still partially in denial that I won't be going back there tomorrow.

I got meds from the doctor and i still couldn't board the plane. If I see the Pilot before boarding the plane (like when he & the co-pilot walk thru the boarding area) is it okay to approach him then or just wait until I board the plane? We'll be coming back here for the weekend and then moving on Monday. The move alone is overwhelming, but I wasn't expecting to feel this sad about leaving my office. And as I said, it was harder to say goodbye to some people than I was expecting.

You can't control them consciously no matter how hard you try. I'm supposed to have service as soon as we move in, but I don't know yet whether that will be on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.Capt Tom, I followed the program and did fine on the plane. Allie, those statistics only give you a LOGICAL reason to understand you are doing the right thing. The Strengthening Exercise will fix that, so please start working on the DVDs, or email me and I'll set you up for Complete Relief. I found that I actually calmed down quite a bit once I was seated. I also like to go for a walk in the country and I travel as much as I can. I like reading and writing and I enjoy a lot watching films and series.

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