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Most love-shys support things like gay marriage but the tone of the forum is decidedly hetero. The argument that not as many women are as effected by it as men seems to be true, coroborrated by the much higher incidence of Asperger's syndrome in men, but that doesn't make the suffering of women who are love-shy any different.

Women can find a supportive environment on Love-shy.com, despite the fact that many men in the forum are frustrated with women.

Asperger's tend to have obsessive hobbies of a very specific nature, getting down to trivial details.

They also tend to be very patterned and stereotyped in their behavior, performing repetitive movements like bobbing back and forth in a chair.

Many also suffer from things like Asperger's syndrome, and so may not pick up on cues that a potential partner is interested in them.

This often gets misinterpreted as homosexuality or asexuality, when in fact the love-shy is dying for a relationship, but just doesn't know how to express it.

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As is an English language site, most of its forum members are from the US (where the site is based), Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. As far as race is concerned, there are members of all races on the forums.

Love-shyness as a concept is fairly easy to explain, but questions are often evoked about its scope and exactly how it affects individuals. He chose the term to describe people who are shy, but want romantic relationships, and just can't get them no matter how hard they try.

Listed here are answers to the most frequent questions; more detailed answers can be found by registering on the forum and asking the members. There is a large umbrella of interpretation possible and love-shyness is certainly a spectrum of disorders -- no two love-shys are alike, and many do not fall under Gilmartin's categorizations, but they are still love-shy.

In a 2004 letter, Gilmartin noted that as many as 40 percent of Love-shys may suffer from Asperger's.

Curiously, in a poll on Wrong Planet.net, roughly 40% of poll takers claimed extreme difficulty in romantic interactions.

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