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Now, they usually managed to throw in just enough wrinkles to keep it mildly fresh, but it nevertheless was always the 'classic' Moodies sound (note, this primarily refers to the 'core seven').

First, Ray Thomas was one of a VERY select few to make extensive use of the flute in pop music.

It's widely known that there is a problem with most licensed video games. This is not always the case, though, especially for long established franchises that do not impose any unrealistic release dates tied to another work's release.

These exceptional games are not mentioned as often as are the games with problems.

Finally, we have the general sound of the group; suffice it to say, this was not a normal rock band, and if you're in the market for "kick ass rock and roll tunes," look elsewhere.

It's not that Hayward was at all bad on his guitars (he's actually pretty great for what he does, and his tone was one of a kind) or Lodge on his bass (his playing, btw, is pretty underrated - listen closely to the pulsating licks in "Story in Your Eyes" and tell me there's not goodness there), and Edge was very solid on drums.

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