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Before she could ask if there was any more money to be made, an attractive woman opened the door to the office. Blackman and her son are here and are hoping to pick up their check," the woman said. "Fay, this is my wife Catherine, she's the other half of Johanson Productions. They are performing in a special series we have which is by far our biggest seller. Like I said, these movies sell like hotcakes and attractive couples make a lot of money. Even though she thought it was unimaginable to have sex with Ryan, if she did it, she'd be able to keep the house and Ryan would likely be able to get into Stanford. To make it interesting we offer cash bonuses for every step the couple takes. If the mom agrees, they earn the bonus then and there. Also, we require that our stars watch one of our movies each night between filming the scenes, but no sex is permitted unless the cameras are rolling." "Go on," said Fay.

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"During those two days you must still remain in underwear in the house.

"I've heard your story a hundred times," he said to her. It seems as though the adult film business only grows, thanks to the Internet.

I'm sure we can help you." Fay listened as Chad explained the pay for performing in an adult film.

She was disappointed to learn that they didn't pay that much for basic sex scenes and performing in a movie would not even help get current with her mortgage.

Worse, her son Ryan was getting a lot of attention from colleges eager to offer scholarships thanks to his accomplishments as a gymnast.

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