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Even her mother has made some questionable comments in an attempt to protect her daughter from the backlash she’s received.But while we can easily understand that making racist comments about naming her “Black baby boi” dog (preferring names like “Africa” and “Ebola”) and supporting White power are bad, some netizens are having difficulty understanding why her comments regarding Asian men are negative, even inadvertently coming to her defense and reasoning that it’s “just her preference”.That’s like choosing a new boyfriend based off your ex.

Since when do we have to compare men to one another when choosing a partner?

But we can be a little nicer about it, not publicly put down men (or people in general) for something they can’t control, and maybe even have some tact, grace, and civility — something no amount of publicity will ever be able to give Lily May Mac.

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That’s toxic to Mark and their future relationship (and for the potential half-Asian sons they may have).

Asian men aren’t crying “over the loss” of Lily May Mac.

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