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Synopsis Auto Update General Information Update center (UC) Net Beans Plugins Autoupdate module in Net Beans IDE Net Beans Module Catalogue Module providers Aumasters team How to add module to Auto Update Process Criteria Steps How to remove module from Auto Update Process Steps This document contains a description of the Net Beans Auto Update content management process, including guidelines for module providers interacting with Net Beans Auto Update centers.This is intended to help to prevent inconsistent Net Beans Auto Update center structures and module categorization problems.

To add or remove a Net Beans module from an AUC, module providers has to follow the corresponding process (Add module to AUC, Remove module from AUC) Note: To add a module to the Net Beans Module Catalogue, see the Listing your Module in the Catalogue document.

Net Beans modules can be classified based on the following categories of distribution license type: Autoupdate is a Net Beans plugin module that enables you to install Net Beans modules from an UC or a local directory. They are defined in bundles packaged separately from module code, so it's easy to "brand/localize" them.

There are following UC references predefined: [x]Stable, [x]Third party, []Beta and []Hot Fixes.

Note that for some "system apps" (usually parts of the "Google Apps") you might not be able to turn this off. I might have installed a few other apps before disabling autoupdates.

But even A1 and A2 have the autoupdate box unchecked, and I did not do it.

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