Auto radio updating

As we add increased functionality and support to our range of True Marine entertainment products, new software will be made available for download to enable these new features.

Ensure you download the correct software for your stereo and note each release is different for each model. Version: Stereo 1.16.520 NRX Series Remote 1.02.71 DAB Module STM32 C6D28C3 DAB Tuner 4.05 Bug Fixes: General bug fixes and improvements IR Remote play button issue resolved Loading text issue resolved BT pairing first device issue resolved Updated DAB version Important Notes The Accessory software updates (MS-NRX series/ MS-DAB100A) are imbedded in the MS-AV755/MS-UD755 series update, once the update has been installed in the stereo the connected accessory MUST be updated from the update menu screen in the settings menu to be compatible with your Fusion Entertainment System.

Millions will don special glasses or watch through pinhole projectors. It’s the first time in 99 years that a total solar eclipse will be visible to people along a narrow “path of totality” stretching from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic coast, from Oregon to South Carolina.

Eclipse enthusiasts say totality never disappoints. Follow this live updating map tracking the position of the eclipse across the United States. Star gazers in Michigan are preparing for a rare occasion Tuesday night when the path of the planet Venus can be seen crossing the sun.

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Been slowly working on the new community site which will finally make possible song uploads.

Once that part works I'll be taking daily/weekly random songs and copy them to this site as content.

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Release Notes [.pdf] Build: MS-RA205: 1.1.3511 DAB Module STM32: – C6D28C3 MS-NRX series Remote: – 1.02.68 Bug Fixes: General bug fixes and improvements.The event is known as the transit of Venus and it only happens, in pairs, every hundred years or so.The next transit of Venus isn’t for another 100 years.Once I started looking around, I discovered dozens of viewing parties across the state.You are in the loop for BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park!

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