Aum atichart is dating

“Towards the end of the year last year we did one together, you’ll probably see it in February for Valentine’s Day.” Is there any shyness?“A little bit, we’ve never done projects where we have to pose so it’s kind of funny.With special thanks to e for providing the prizes, I have four brand new 2016 calendars, two from Channel 8 and two from Channel 3, to give to you guys!Her death is also a mystery, rumor has it that she was poisoned.It’s like we’re taking pictures for fun but these will be seen by a lot of other people.This particular shoot we went to go take in Switzerland.Recently, it’s reported that Nune Woranuch to play couples with Aum Atichart once again in a hot TV Series, ‘Club Friday Celebs’ Stories’, which will be produced by GMM 25 channel after they played couples in TV Series, ‘Jao Veha’, in 2016.This TV Series will be about the war of love between celebrities.

To this day we are still learning more and more new things. When we’re ready I’ll let you know.” Have you discussed the possibility of marriage?Now if anyone asks I can give an answer, not like when anyone asked before because I wanted to be more confident. “Sometimes, but not formally because we have to take a lot of things in to consideration.” How have you discussed it or have you gone to your elders to discuss?Right now he has been able to show me that I can be confident in him and I feel happy being with him so there’s nothing to hide.” So now you can officially call him your boyfriend? (Blushes) There’s been rumors that you have been talking about marriage with Anne Thongprasom. “No, right now we’re more focused on working because Aum has a lot of work.He’s finished up a lot lakorns and right now he’s filming for about another month and then after he’s starting another one.So right now we’re just working and I’m having fun with work as well, we have to keep our futures in mind but not fixate on it.

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