Are gary and charlotte from geordie shore dating hannah dating

Charlotte Crosby has cleared up a bunch of reports about her personal life and has insisted that she has absolutely zero plans to move to London to be "closer" to ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear.

While it was recently rumoured that the Just Tattoo Of Us co-host was set to up sticks and leave Newcastle behind, she's come forward to reveal that this couldn't be any further from the truth.

for it to take 48hours for them to be necking on with some1 in a club. They will be representing the UK and covering the bash on social media, from the red carpet to all the backstage action.

But Charlotte has refuted any claims she’s set to rejoin the show which made her famous and star in the new series of Geordie Shore alongside best pal Sophie.

Taking to Snapchat to reveal that she finds the constant intrustion into her personal life "frustrating," Char said that a good portion of the rumours about her are plucked out of nowhere.

"I’ve read an article that apparently I’m moving to London to be close to someone. Now while I work in London, I need to stay in hotels Air B&Bs..." she continued.

CHARLOTTE Dawson is the daughter of famous British comedian Les Dawson - but she's making her own mark on the showbiz scene.She flirted up a storm in the last series of racy MTV show Ex on the Beach.After bedding Geordie Shore's Gaz Beadle in a saucy threesome, she was left panic stricken when her ex Alex arrived on the sun-soaked island.Charlotte told the Sunday Mirror: “I am so lucky to have this footage. “But my mum has always kept my dad alive for me.” No.Charlotte split from rugby player Matt Sarsfield back in February and claimed her "heart had been ripped out".

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