Anniversaries do you celebrate while dating double your dating seminar

Put together clues or riddles that lead to items that you've placed around town.

Then, when you return home, print the photo on your computer printer and put it in an interesting frame. Wives, give your husband a small wooden box filled with handwritten notes about why you love and respect him.It's one of the best investments you could make in your marriage. Jot down a collection of words that tell the story of your marriage. The answers to the clues will all be about your marriage (where you went on your first date, the name of his best man or her maid of honor, the year you married, etc.).Use nice stationery and pens with different colored ink. The last clue will be the name of a special restaurant that both of you enjoy.Stop by the church where you married, or drive by your first apartment or house.Then look through your album of wedding pictures, or watch your wedding video if you have one.

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