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When the nurse asked about her face, she told her, “I just need a bathroom. “I kept trying to explain to them that Darnell was very dangerous,” she says.Dadou said the officers asked her to settle down then handed her a warrant to sign so they could arrest Sanders. Dadou woke up to him standing over her at her home.t required a pedestrian mechanical malfunction for me to learn about the outer limits of humanity’s skill at closing hand grippers — which most people know only in their cheap Wal-Mart variant. They aren’t the best training device for other sports — even seemingly related grip sports. It’s not about what something will help you do; it’s about getting better at doing what you want to do.To be more specific, I was driving my 1993 Honda Accord during a brutal Texas heatwave four summers ago when the air conditioning system gave out. I took the gripper, measured at 237.5 pounds of resistance, and mashed it shut with my left hand. On top of that, it’s about as lonely an activity as one can imagine. “Even the guys who do it really well, like Jedd Johnson, say there are better ways to train for different activities. We trained for a year for those two strongman shows, and your thing was always, ‘What will this help me do? I’ve worked on the grippers because I want to close them, full stop.” He was right.“If I see you talk to anybody, I’m going to burn your car to the ground,” he warned her while holding up a bottle of whiskey and his lighter.She walked into the emergency room with her face swelling and the taste of blood in her mouth.“So anything to make sure this bill gets passed, I’m happy to volunteer with.” She’s been telling her story to legislators, legal experts, and advocacy groups for five years.In 1989, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence found that while the average prison sentence for men who kill their female partners was two to six years, the average sentence for women who killed their male partners was fifteen years.

“Sending survivors of domestic violence who act to protect themselves to prison for long sentences is incompatible with modern notions of fairness and humanity,” Hassell-Thompson wrote in a 2013 press release.A few years later, on that winter night in 1991, Dadou knew Sanders kept a gun under his passenger seat because she always feared it would accidentally go off and shoot her in the ankle. I grabbed the gun, and in one second, the gun was going off and bullets were coming out.” She thought she had shot into the roof of the car.She felt the butt of his gun while her head was down. Sanders turned to his side and suddenly stopped choking her.When she returned, the two 25-year-olds started kissing. She tried to yank the door handle, but realized that the power locks were on. “I couldn’t breathe and I started to panic for my life,” she says.She reached for the gun Sanders kept under the passenger seat.

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