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In addition to issues of performance for the male is the issue of genital size and appearance.Beginning with adolescence it is common for boys to compare penis size with one another.Would it not be better to try and understand what is happening here between males and females and, through that understanding, develop better ways to cope with this problem?Part of the reason why women are so angry about internet pornography is that it takes their men away from the family and from themselves.The experience of shame is humiliating and includes feeling a sense of disgust and mortification about the self.Both men and women experience feelings of shame around sexual issues but for different reasons.

They have expressed the belief that they are not attractive enough, or desirable enough, or sexy enough.For women, feelings of shame often have to do with body image issues.Women compare themselves to other women and fear that they are not thin enough, shapely enough, or large breasted enough to fit the stereotypical view of what is defined as a beautiful woman.All of these are tests of masculinity for these adolescent men.Many boys become interested in weight lifting magazines with photos of muscular men whom they wish to emulate as a way of demonstrating their masculine prowess. According to Robert Stoller, a psychoanalyst and researcher on sexual issues and pornography, the role of pornography is to serve as the reverse of life events that occurred during childhood.

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