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Our students are truly fortunate to be living in a time when information is so readily available.With one-to-one computers, skilled and dedicated teachers, and clear, focused educational goals, we are helping our students to become 21st Century Learners.According to the 2016 Q4 Picture of Subsidized Households database, the housing authority's voucher program has an annual turnover of 13% having issued approximately 31 vouchers in the past year.The average voucher holder has received housing benefits for 7 years and 3 months.Digital Citizenship is a particular focus that we are all being called to develop and respond to.Students in Library Skills class learn about what it means to create a “clean digital footprint” as well as how to stay safe online.

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For more information, call the MHA at (708) 345-7350.According to the 2016 PSH database, persons who were issued a voucher in the preceding 12 months waited an average of 87 months on the waiting list According to 2016 Q4 Picture of Subsidized Households data, the average voucher household contains 2.7 persons and has a household income of ,358 per year.94% of households were very low income (VLI) and 72% were extremely low income (ELI).The average monthly tenant contribution to rent by Maywood Housing Authority voucher holders in 2016 was 0 and the average monthly HUD expenditure per voucher holder was 6.The average utility allowance across all voucher recipients is .1.

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