Adult shock chat

We cannot reconstruct our dreams for them by grabbing hold of their steering wheel and trying to dictate their destiny.

This process of letting go has several steps that parents typically go through.

What role do we need to play as parents of an atypical kid transitioning to adulthood? Finally, we need to seek care from practitioners who understand this transition into young adulthood and the challenges that arise with atypical kids.

Given all the uncertainty inherent in raising a child, our dreams serve an important psychological function, providing us with a sense of hope, of direction, of stability.

Dreams keep us energized through the trials and tribulations of childhood, and are our guideposts for the future.

Whatever this young man might become – with the right support and treatment – he was not yet capable of mustering the cognitive and emotional skills needed to be successful as a young adult.

As painfully apparent as this might have been to me, the mom still held on to an image of her son as capable but willful: if he only tried, he could make it, just like his peers.

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