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“The concept of a résumé is not new to them, but being able to articulate their skills and how it can be valuable to an organization is usually what’s lacking,” she says of adult students.

To help promote the idea of seeking help, Curameng’s department sends an email in the third week of the semester with a short welcome message, including a “meet with a career coach” action button.

“The juice is worth the squeeze,” he says of the busy days.

“If we have resources that can help somebody, why exclude certain people?

” Counselors, meanwhile, become more educated about careers throughout the lifespan, which in turn benefits their interactions with students.

The service can also directly benefit the institution, in instances where a community member decides to go to or back to college after getting career counseling.

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Students at Wake Forest University in North Carolina can access Marketplace, a homegrown tool that aggregates job board and career outlook information, along with perspectives on “movers and shakers” in an industry (this includes a list of bloggers and Twitter feeds to follow).

This extra support is crucial in helping students who may be more introverted, Billington adds.

“Students say, ‘It’s great you’re putting on these events, but we’re still apprehensive going into this.’ They’ve never been in an environment where they had to put themselves out to total strangers before.” Fairleigh Dickinson’s Florham and Metro campuses assign specific disciplines to career counselors—providing students and faculty the chance to form bonds with the professionals.

Monthly career prep content plays on a large display in the atrium lounge area of Washington State University’s business school success center.

In September of this year, the video content had a welcome-back theme, and the October videos cover “refocusing on school,” says Suzi Billington, director of the Carson Center for Student Success.

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