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Volunteers will also have the opportunity to participate in bush walks and sleep outs within the Reserve.

Other Activities Makalali is remote and there is no public transport to town.

However, volunteers will have an opportunity to visit town approximately once a week (Mondays) in coordination with trips to collect food and pick up/drop off volunteers.

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These cows are individually recognized by means of identification templates and photographs.

Through these collaborative research projects, volunteers make an important contribution to the “bigger picture” of conservation in Africa - monitoring biodiversity processes and addressing challenges created by the ever-increasing human population, specifically fragmented and isolated habitats.

An average volunteer week generally consists of: 2 elephant monitoring sessions, 2 lion monitoring sessions, 2 rhino/cheetah drives, 2 nocturnal drives (late evening to early morning) for tracking leopards and small predators, and bush clearing/erosion control.

- In all game reserves, a delicate balance between prey and predator species needs to be carefully managed and maintained because they exist in closed environments.

The aim of this project is to produce a GIS based model that will act as a tool for correctly managing the predator population at Makalali.

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