A fatal error has occurred while updating your device blackberry

Just bought a new Blackberry 9000 and I'm getting problems (I have version on an unlocked phone.After installing the desktop software 4.7 on Vista Ultimate and connecting the blackberry via USB, the software tries to do an update of the device software (I'll point out at this stage that this problem also occurs when initiating an update manually).It then brings up a recommendation to upgrade to with a tick already in the box.I click next and it says, "Search for available device software" and then all of a sudden a Microsoft Window pops up saying:- __________________________________________________ "Handheld Application Loader Wizard has stopped working." The text inside the box says:- "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.HP software comes with the printer along with printer drivers.Error 1316 appears when some printer software files are deleted, unauthorized modified or corrupted.Your program files may be missing or damaged, for example, or your profile may be corrupted.

For the best results, run the Online Repair instead of the Quick Repair.Unfortunately, the only way to correct the issue is to troubleshoot the application until the error message stops appearing.Repairing Microsoft Outlook will replace or fix critical files without affecting your personal data or settings.Windows will close the program and notify you is a solution is available" __________________________________________________ The only option then is to click the Close program button which closes the program.Although the desktop manager still exists albeit with an error saying, "A fatal error has occured while updating your device's software. Anyway, before I rant on: why I am trying to upgrade the device software is because guess what? Bluetooth doesn't show anything up in the options, add device (even though it's paired).

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