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Heaven also is the abode of the angels ; for they are constantly with God and see His face.

Supernatural Character of Heaven and the Beatific Vision; IV. Others trace a connection between himin (heaven) and home ; according to this view, which seems to be the more probable, heaven would be the abode of the Godhead.

We get our first and direct knowledge from creatures, and then, by reasoning from these, we ascend to a knowledge of God according to the imperfect likeness which creatures bear to their Creator. Such is the only means nature offers for acquiring a knowledge of God, and more than this is not due to any created intellect ; consequently, the second and essentially higher way of seeing God by intuitive vision can but be a gratuitous gift of Divine goodness. Hence in the former place he obviously supposes that man knows from revelation both the possibility of the beatific vision and his destiny to enjoy it.

But in doing so we proceed to a large extent by way of negation, i.e., by removing from the Divine Being the imperfections proper to creatures. (2) It is of faith that the beatific vision is supernatural, that it transcends the powers and claims of created nature, of angels as well as of men. The Vatican Council expressly declared that man has been elevated by God to a supernatural end (Denz., n. These considerations prove, not merely that the immediate vision of God exceeds the natural claims of all creatures in actual existence ; but they also prove against Ripalda, Becaenus, and others (Recently also Morlias), that God cannot create any spirit which would, by virtue of its nature, be entitled to the intuitive vision of the Divine Essence. 1) that man has a natural desire for the beatific vision. On this supposition it is indeed quite natural for man to have so strong a desire for that vision, that any inferior kind of beatitude can no longer duly satisfy him.

According to this view the blessed can move about freely in every part of the universe, and still remain with God and see everywhere.

Everywhere, too, they remain with Christ (in His sacred Humanity) and with the saints and the angels.

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