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Their daughter, Chelsea, is 42 years old, and has never been married.

She is dating a 45 year old dentist, and brings him up to Golden Pond to meet her parents.

There's only one way to describe Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg: the biggest model railway in the world.

Visitors are taken on a journey through different countries and continents, through realistic miniature landscapes and worlds of fantasy.

The troubled child is left with the elderly Thayers for some time, as his father and Chelsea take off for a tour of Europe.

Character-driven story about an elderly man coming to terms with his age, and the nearing of death; a middle-aged woman attempting to enter into a father-daughter relationship with her dad, whom she has never known closely; and a young teenager dealing with parental divorce.

The only exception(although the actor is talented) is the treatment of Charlie the mail man.becomes too obsessed and less fun. Plummer leads the pack.gives a completely sincere performance and stays clear of any hint of Fonda's famous screen portrayal.All dating profiles on this site are 100% genuine, user submitted!We offer you the best chance of meeting others in your area to share your pissing pleasures with, and on top of that we have chat rooms with webcams, user submitted amateur pissing videos, peeing photos, instant messaging and all the features you would expect from a top quality dating site and more!The Lake Constance region, where Germany borders Austria and Switzerland, is a holiday paradise set around Central Europe's third largest inland lake.The most popular excursion is to the Flower Island of Mainau, famous for its magnificent park and gardens surrounding the baroque family residence of Count Bernadotte.

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